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The Scandinavian Cultures

Cracking the Scandinavian Code

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The Nordic countries, and Scandinavia in particular, have inspired the world with their unique societies and approach to life, but do you know what the culture of Norway, Denmark and Sweden really is about? Julien is an award-winning expert on Scandinavian cultures and the author of five books on this subject. 

"The Scandinavian Cultures" presents the common bases of the Scandinavian cultures in social interactions, work culture and the values behind the Scandinavian welfare states. This lecture is aimed at an international audience.

"Cracking the Scandinavian Code" is aimed for Scandinavian audiences interested to learn about the similarities and differences between the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish culture. The Scandinavian cultures are quite similar, but subtle differences create misunderstandings. Julien uses humour to first describe our shared Scandinavian culture and create a sense of belonging. He makes us more aware of how special we are as Scandinavians and how similar we can appear from abroad. The goal is to first create a good Scandinavian team spirit before Julien moves on to explain the important differences that can make collaboration challenging between Swedes, Danes and Norwegians.


"Cracking the Norwegian Code", "The Swedes" and "The Danes" are Julien's popular lectures in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and those who made him famous in Scandinavia. You can read more about these lectures on the Norwegian and Swedish version of the website. 

In all these lectures, Julien talks about behaviours, rituals, norms, role models and values. Themes include, among many more, meeting culture, verbal and non-verbal communication, leadership, decision-making, trust, honesty, consensus, socialisation, work culture, risk-taking, hierarchy, social status, clothing, lifestyle and rule abiding.


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Is he a Swede, a Norwegian or a Dane?

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