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Culture at work

Julien explains in simple terms what culture is, how cultural differences play out at work and how it affects us. He aims to make your team more resilient and robust. He talks about behaviours, expectations, intentions, rituals, norms, role models and values. The audience learns to be more aware of their own perceptions and expectations, and the perceptions and expectations of others in a multicultural work environment.


He has several versions of the talk that are customised for senior managers, middle managers or other employees. In a preparatory meeting, Julien will agree with you on which topics are most relevant for the event.


Example of topics: meeting culture, verbal and non-verbal communication, leadership, decision-making, feedback, trust, honesty, consensus, collaboration, competition, confrontation, loyalty, risk-taking, hierarchy, rewards, fairness, social status, clothing, politeness, time management, and rule abiding.

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