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Practical Information

Lecture vs Courses

Julien sets the stage for large conferences with his short inspiring keynotes. His lectures bring more cultural insights than his short keynotes and vary in length from 30min to 90min. His half- and full-day courses provide an intense learning experience on a broad range of topic within culture and communication.

Julien will usually have a digital meeting with his clients to learn more about the event goals, your team and the attendees' background. He will come up with suggestions of topics which he feels are most relevant for your event and agree upon content together with you.

His courses usually include a part on culture and cultural codes, culture at work and communication. He then dives deeper in topics of particular interest.

Booking Process

Julien takes bookings directly by email [] and here on his webpage without the need to go through an agent. If you indicate the following in your message, Julien will be able to give you a quote:

- Number of attendees (approx)

- City and venue

- Date and arrival time at the venue

- Type of assignment and length (keynote, lecture or course)

- Name of the client


Elise H. Kollerud take care of Julien's direct bookings. She also travels with him to most of his lectures. Once we agree on the price, length and other practicalities Elise will send you a draft speaker agreement that summarises the assignment. Julien is based in Oslo, Norway. 

If for some reason you did prefer to book through a speaker agency, Julien is listed on London Speaker Bureau for worldwide bookings and Athenas in Scandinavia. 

Online Lectures & Courses

Julien is based in Olso, Norway. He is happy to travel to North America and Asia when he has the opportunity. However, due to the long travel and cost involved, it is sometimes preferable to hold his lecture online on Team/Zoom/Google Meet. ​With the help of the dynamic online presentation tool "Prezi", Julien brings your team on a digital cultural journey.


Julien can also run interactive workshops using an online "Whiteboard" where attendees are able to exchange ideas, discuss and interact with Julien while he is guiding your team through insightful digital activities that can be saved and reused. It is also possible to have a live interview after the lecture.​ Take contact to learn more about how Julien can help you create a useful and motivating online session.


The price for lectures and courses varies depending on when and where the lecture takes place, the need for travel and accommodation, the number of participants, requirements for sound and light testing, tailoring, whether the customer requires a separate contract, how far in advance of the lecture Julien is asked to arrive and whether the lecture is booked here directly on this website or through an agency. Julien has special rates for educational institutions, public and voluntary organizations during certain periods.

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