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Julien S.Bourrelle


This is the official international webpage of Julien S. Bourrelle.

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Gå til for den norske nettsiden.

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Julien is a Canadian mechanical engineer educated in the field of astrodynamic engineering, commonly known as rocket science. He studied and lived in a variety of countries where he adapted his lifestyle to the local cultural norms and rituals.

Moving to Scandinavia in 2009 has been a challenging cultural experience and the starting point of an unexpected career. While taking his PhD he created an innovative way to bridge cultures.

He started his career in the cross-cultural field lecturing at universities. His unique presence on stage and his way to convey his cultural knowledge using humor and simple illustrations made him a popular international speaker with clients including Fortune 500 companies, NATO, Equinor, PWC, Deloitte, Signet Jewelers, Geberit,, the Norwegian central bank and many others.


Julien travels the world lecturing about cultural differences that affects the way we communicate and interact at work and in society. His in-person and online lectures help organizations benefit better from diversity. Julien is also the author of three books on the Scandinavian cultures and of the upcoming book "How Culture shapes behaviours" . 

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The Swedes | Book
The Scandinavians: The Happy Culture of Scandinavia | Book
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Culture & Cultural Differences | "How Culture Shapes Behaviours"

Julien uses humor to make you reflect about how your culture influences you more than you think. Through entertaining stories and visual examples, you will learn about verbal and non-verbal communication, social norms, rituals and values that influence interpersonal interactions across cultures. The lecture is based on Julien's simple illustrations which help us understand culture and cultural differences in a funny way. You will learn to understand better and communicate more effectively within multi-cultural environments and learn to be more aware of your own behaviors and how they may be misinterpreted by people of other cultures. The lecture improves communication at work and provides practical tools to understand how to connect with people having a culture different than yours. 

"How Culture Shapes Behaviours" is aimed for an international audience. Previous clients include NATO, Geberit,, Signet Jewelers and PWC, to name a few. The lecture uses a number of examples from the Scandinavian cultures which provide a great contrast to understand differences. It aims at providing general tools to interact with people of different cultures, independently of which culture they are from.

Lecture: 30min to 3h

Courses: Full day course

Read more: Full day courses & workshop

Scandinavian Cultures 

"Cracking the Norwegian Code" is Julien's most popular lecture in Norway, and the one that has made him famous all around the country. He has given the lecture more than 300 times during the last 10 years. (Les mer på den norske nettside her)


"The Swedes" is Julien's popular lectures in Sweden where foreigners in Sweden learn about the local social norms at work and in social life, and Swedes learn about how their Scandinavian culture is being perceived by outsiders. Read more on Athenas Sweden here (in Swedish).

"The Scandinavian Cultures" is a lecture that presents in an entertaining way what is similar in the three Scandinavian cultures and what differs. Julien helps companies work better accross the Scandinavian countries. 

Lecture: 30min to 3h

Courses: Full day course

Connecting with People & Networking | For Students and Young Professionals

Five countries, four languages, a passion for people and for connecting them - Julien shares what he learnt about connecting with people that are different than you. You learn how to make people feel comfortable around you, the logic of socialization, how and why to build a network, how to create and take opportunities, and how to create genuine contact with others. 

The lecture helps you better understand how your verbal and non-verbal communication affect the way people perceive you. It makes you more aware of the gap between what you want to communicate and what you are communicating. It inspires to be pro-active in social interactions and make people feel comfortable around you. 

Lecture: 30min to 90min 

Public Speaking for Leaders

What makes people interested to listen to you? How do you create a strong contact with the audience? How do you deal with stress? How to focus on the message you have and deliver it in a way that people remember?


Over the past 10 years, Julien spoke for tens of thousands of people and made an international career from his public speaking. He shares his experience, but also takes examples from many different speakers. The lecture focuses primarily on verbal and non-verbal communication on stage. 


You will learn the best tricks from Julien to create a great atmosphere from the stage. You can either book an inspiring lecture alone or together with a workshop. In the workshop you will put in practice the material from the lecture. It is an enjoyable workshop that will make you reflect on different aspects of communication and it is designed in a way that makes it easy to reuse for your own presentations.

Lecture: 30min to 60min

Workshop: 3h


With more people working online from home, employers can now easily motivate their employees with insights from experts located all around the world. When knowledge is presented with humour and engages the audience, you have a great recipe to keep your team's spirit high.

With the help of the dynamic online presentation tool "Prezi" Julien brings your team on a cultural journey making people more aware of their behaviours and rituals, and how these affect their ability to communicate and connect with people. ​He also runs interactive workshops using an online "Whiteboard" where employees are able to exchange ideas, discuss and interact with Julien while he is guiding your team through insightful digital activities that can be saved and reused. 

Take contact to learn more about how Julien can help you create a useful and motivating online gathering under the theme of communication and cultural difference.


Price for online contributions may be lower, especially for clients located in the United States, Canada and Asia. Send you inquiry to

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Conference Host 

Julien hosts larger conferences and events using the theme of communication and culture as a background. He enjoys to host together with his business and life partner Elise H. Kollerud. They together provide a gender balanced hosting and create a fantastic experience with their unique complicity.  Elise is a young Norwegian business leader and the CEO of Mondå Forlag. Julien and Elise host events in English, French and Norwegian in Europe and internationally. 

Thank you. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



Julien left his academic career to help people communicate and connect across culture. His cultural story begins in Québec at age 20 when he could only speak French and had never been outside Canada. Fifteen years later, he speaks four languages and acquired unique cultural skills which he shares in his lectures and books. He studied Mechanical Engineering and rocket science in five countries where he adapted his lifestyle to the local cultures. Moving to Scandinavia has been the most challenging cultural experience of his life!

Julien resides in Norway since 2009 and is the author of the bestseller series "The Social Guidebook to Norway", "The Swedes" and the founder of Mondå Forlag, a publishing house who's mission is to provide tools that help readers better understand cultural differences in order to benefit best from diversity. Mondå's authors bridge culture by explaining to foreigners the behaviors of Norwegians, Swedes and Danes. Scandinavians become more aware of how peculiar they are. Mondå Forlag has 9 titles in sales.

Julien's work bridging cultures has been widely spread on social media and in the press. Julien received the TOP 10 award from HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway given to an international role model in the Norwegian working and social life. He is a regular guest on national radio, was invited to the Lindmo show - Norway's largest talk show - in 2015 together with the Norwegian minister of defense  to discuss culture and is seen as a national resource for the multi-cultural country Norway has become. He was also features in Elle Sweden and many other both in Sweden and Norway.

His lectures focus on how to benefit from diversity and brings a humorous perspective on social behaviors. He explains with enthusiasm the peculiarities of culture, illustrate how everyday behaviors are misinterpreted and how it leads to cultural misunderstanding. Julien also holds lecture on how to connect with people and is often ask to teach the art of public speaking.

He is a well known speakers in Norway and Sweden, and travels the worlds lecturing about how culture shapes behaviours.

National TV

Alt for Norge (28 August 2019)

Russian TV1 Vladimir Pozner (3rd January 2019 - In Russian)

TV2 God Morgen Norge (16th May 2018)

TV2 God Morgen Norge (23 April 2018)

TV2 God Morgen Norge (23 October 2017)

TV2 Nyheter (23 October 2017)

NRK Lindmo (11 April 2015) "The Norwegian culture and Dating in Norway"

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The Scandinavians: The Happy Culture of Scandinavia | Book
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