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Julien S. Bourrelle

Rocket Scientist & Cultural Expert



Increase your ability to understand cultural differences and communicate across cultures with Julien S. Bourrelle, an inspiring cross-cultural expert and award-winning international keynote speaker. With his unique engineering background in rocket science and his hands-on experience of cultural differences, Julien takes you on an engaging journey through cultural norms and communication. His energetic talks have been inspiring audiences across 10 countries for more than 10 years.


Book Julien to learn, laugh and increase your productivity by improving communication and build robust multi-cultural teams.

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Julien explains with his unique presence on stage how culture, behaviours, norms, values and cultural differences affect us and our workplaces. His fantastic communication skills and the series of simple illustrations he uses convey his knowledge in an interesting and effective way. Some of Julien's talks are more entertaining, while others focus on important topics related to culture, communication and leadership. All of Julien's lectures are based on his unique series of illustrations, some of which also appear in his books in Norway, Sweden and internationally. 

All speaking engagement can be conducted in Norwegian, English or French. Julien is well accustomed to audiences ranging from several thousand people to small working groups. Further down the page you will find a selection of international companies Julien has spoken for.

Illustrasjon fra boken "Nordmennuten filter"

Expand your understanding of what culture is and how cultural differences play out.


Learn about aspects of culture and communication that are particularly relevant at work.

Illustrasjon fra boken "Nordmennuten filter"

The Scandinavian Cultures

Learn and be inspired to understand better the unique Scandinavian cultures.


Julien helps you create a common thread for your event around the theme of communication and culture. He leads the audience through the day and evening with inspiring short speeches from his work while introducing the speakers. With humor, energy and professionalism, Julien creates a fantastic experience for your audience. 


Julien can easily switch between Norwegian, English, French and Spanish on stage to create a feeling of belonging across cultures and languages for multi-national companies.

Julien S Bourrelle hosting NTNU opening ceremony 2015
Julien S Bourrelle hosting the HMS-konferansen 2023
Julien is hosting TDC Conference Trondheim 2018
Julien S: Bourrelle foreleser i Praha (2019)
TEDx Section


Julien's two TEDx talks have been viewed more than 1,500,000 times. His most recent TEDx "Learn a new culture" was selected and is featured on the main website and is used across the USA and abroad at universities and schools when discussing culture and cultural differences.

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