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Online lectures

COVID-19 brought a lot of challenges, but also opportunities.


With more people working online from home, employers can now easily motivate their employees with insights from experts located all around the world. When knowledge is presented with humour and engages the audience, you have a great recipe to keep your team's spirit high.

With the help of the dynamic online presentation tool "Prezi" Julien brings your team on a cultural journey making people more aware of their behaviours and rituals, and how these affect their ability to communicate and connect with people. 

He also runs interactive workshops using an online "Whiteboard" where employees are able to exchange ideas, discuss and interact with Julien while he is guiding your team through insightful digital activities that can be saved and reused. 

Take contact to learn more about how Julien can help you create a useful and motivating online gathering under the theme of communication and cultural difference.

Cost (Online):

Lecture (30 to 90min)

Lecture + workshop (1h to 2h30)

Online Interactive Course (full-day)

Read more about Julien's Lectures and Courses.

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