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Back to a Social Life
after the Pandemic

Summary of the lecture by Julien S. Bourrelle.

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Re-creating a Social Life

1. Create an environment for co-worker to greet more and small talk

2. Organise activities

3. Organise activities where Norwegian can surfer a little together

4. Make your team laugh and smile every day

5. Inspire colleagues to adopt "smoother" written habits

6. Make the workplace the place to be

7. Create an environment  that encourages more positive feedback

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This will make colleagues feel that....

(1) You value them
(2) They matters
(3) They are part of an exciting team
(4) You are looking forward to working with them in real life
(5) It is fun to be back to work 


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HR FORUM, Fornebu, Oslo 10. November 2021

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